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MeMe! And other things…

Posted in misc, Uncategorized by Bexxie on September 8, 2008

Wow its been ages…so much has happened and I have so many excuses for not posting!

First of all, I’ve moved back to the States last February. My husband and I decided we didn’t want to stay in England anymore but immigration issues have forced us to live apart. So he is in England still and I’m in the States. Thankfully the process is finally moving along and we’re hoping he will be able to live here by October. Anyway, so as you can imagine, I haven’t been in much of a mood to cook the past few months because, even though this might sound very 50’s housewife-ish and anti-feminist, I really got into cooking to begin with because I liked to cook for my husband among other reasons. So that really puts a damper on the whole blogging about cooking thing.

Also, I’ve decided to go back to school while working full-time so free time has been a luxury. But I will try my hardest to continue blogging again as I am really missing cooking and taking photos.

And my other excuse for not blogging is my shift key is broke! Ok, maybe thats not a great excuse but it really makes it more difficult to type.

Anyway onto the MeMe…

So a while ago I was tagged by Mrs. Presley from Good Eats N Sweet Treats. I’m sorry its taken me so long to post!

So I have to tag 5 other people.

Here are the MeMe rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Well as I have already shared quite a bit of personal info about myself, I guess it can’t hurt to share 5 more things.

1. At the moment, I work in HR but am going to school for web development and am hoping to do freelance web design work when I am done with school.

2. I have been dj’ing for 10 years. I don’t mean like a wedding dj or a radio dj. I dj at raves. Yes, those parties where kids where bright colored clothes and dance around with glow sticks in their hands to ‘techno’ music. I also produce my own music and went to school for Audio Engineering. That record I am holding in my blog picture is an actual piece of music that I made and we pressed to pink vinyl for a laugh.

3. Gossip Girl is my new guilty pleasure.

4. I am left-handed.

5. Halloween is my ‘quitting smoking’ anniversary. This year I will have been quit for 2 years.

So here is who I am tagging:

1. Alex at Just Cook It

2. Tracy at Vanilla Bean Cafe

3. Annie at Annie Can Haz Cheezburger

4. Aimei at Baking Cottage

5. Tarah at A Sweet Fantasy

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  1. jyesmith said, on September 8, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    We just opened a collaborative music blogs about EVERYTHING music related, and we’d be so interested in having someone like you on board. Hope you’re well!!


  2. Tracy said, on September 9, 2008 at 11:41 am

    thanks for tagging me and congrats on the 2 year anniversary of quitting!!!

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